Aline Normoyle
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To those of you about to rock, Aline salutes you.

Left, you see an artistic representation of me at the SIG Center for Computer Graphic's optical motion capture studio, which I ran for a year during my PhD.

My research work included methods for mapping player behaviors to game-state; for developing user-friendly crowd authoring tools; and for studying how character and avatar animation can subtly influence players (specifically, concerning naturalness, responsiveness, gaze, and emotions). I completed my PhD about character animation at the SIG Center for Computer Graphics with Norm Badler in 2015.

My CV is available here.

The reel to the left highlights some tool demos from various side projects and papers, specifically, my image painter, puff modeler and volumetric renderer, image-based tree modeling plugin for Maya, and my crowd brush demo from my 2014 I3D paper on macroscopic crowd modeling.